Introducing TaiwanCZ Business Magazine

Introducing TaiwanCZ Business Magazine

Are you targeting the Czech-Taiwanese business community with your services and products?

Introducing our special edition of TaiwanCZ Business Magazine, your stress-free option to have decision-makers from key Czech and Taiwanese companies "czech" your company out.

TaiwanCZ magazine comes both in print and online versions. The print version is distributed among the Czech-Taiwanese business base of 1000+ addresses and 100+ contact points across the Czech Republic and Taiwan. The first March 2023 special edition also circulated among the trade delegation participants and during official events. 

The online version is accessible at demand on the CTBC website and promoted via direct email communication and social media.


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  1. Introduction and promotion of Czech brands
    TaiwanCZ Business is targeting a wide range of companies across Aerospace, Semiconductors, Smart City, Artificial Intelligence / Cybersecurity, Green Solutions, and Engineering with a narrow focus group of senior decision-makers among the key Czech and Taiwanese companies from these industries.
  1. Amplified promotion of the expert knowledge
    TaiwanCZ Business presents Czech brands and companies via expert and industry-related articles. This content type provides a unique opportunity to position yourself as an industry leader in the eyes of prominent Czech & Taiwanese companies. The content can be prepared by CTBC in cooperation with your company representative or based on your own text.


Promotion Types:

  1. Services Display Ads
  2. Product Display Ads
  3. Expert Articles
  4. Interviews
  5. Premium Placement (e.g. Inside Front Cover, Outside Back Cover)
  6. Combinations (e.g. Ad + Article/Interview)


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