The First Batch of Taiwanese Respirators Are on Their Way to Those In Need

The First Batch of Taiwanese Respirators Are on Their Way to Those In Need

During the Czech delegation's visit to Taiwan led by the President of the Czech Senate Miloš Vystrčil, the Taiwanese company Autoland Technology Co., LTD decided to donate several respirator production lines to the Czech Republic. The cooperation aimed to ensure greater self-sufficiency in the production of medical devices of the Czech Republic.

Autoland itself chose InoCure that also joined the business delegation as the recipient of the production lines. InoCure had the technology and know-how, yet it didn't have at disposal the sufficient production capacity. As a result, Inocure invited The Good Mask Company to cooperate, as The Good Mask Company had already held the necessary certificate for the respirators' production. And thus, the entire process of starting production was born. InoCure in collaboration with The Good Mask Company founded the European Center for the Development and Production of Respirators (ECVVR), which became the owner of the production lines whereby The Good Mask Company took on the role of the certified manufacturer.

ECVVR had to meet several strict conditions to become the recipient of the production lines. Besides completing training in Taiwan to become a certified Autoland's partner, ECVVR had to ensure the prospect of production for the next five years. In such a scenario, the production lines' recipient guarantees the capacity to maintain the production lines and guarantees flexibility in production, as per correspondence to the Taiwanese modus operandi. ECVVR and Autoland have thus established a standard business relationship that prevents unfair competition.

Another condition was to realize charitable donations of the respirators to people in need. The Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber accepted Autoland's mandate to supervise the fulfillment of the requirement. ECVVR is obligated to make a monthly donation of over 5 percent of its total production. The Czech Senate will obtain the respirators and cooperate with the senatorial clubs to redistribute them to the regions. In the first batch obtained on March 31, 2021, the Czech Senate received over 200,000 respirators.

The production lines launched shortly after their arrival. The first two lines were put into operation within four days, the other two only within 16 hours.


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