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 CTBC Annual Report 2022: The Development of Czech-Taiwanese Business Relations

CTBC Annual Report 2022: The Development of Czech-Taiwanese Business Relations

Dear CTBC members and supporters, throughout 2022, we have enjoyed organizing and attending in-person B2B matchmaking sessions, industry events, public discussions, and press interviews.

Although often neglected, Taiwanese investments in the Czech Republic belong to the backbones of the Czech economy. Therefore, one of the primary objectives of the CTBC has been identifying the most promising areas for the further acceleration of Czech-Taiwanese business and investment relations alongside supporting businesses expanding to either the Taiwanese or the Czech market. In 2022, the CTBC’s focus has also ex- tended to explore business promotion and e-commerce opportunities.

A tech-savvy workforce, innovative solutions, and the impact of the upcoming recession are some of the paramount factors defining the foreseeable development of the global business ecosystem. As enterprises navigate the radically changing waters of the international business arena, the CTBC has pushed harder for new B2B matchmaking and soft-landing initiatives that aid toward on-the-ground solutions.

As you flip through our Annual Report, you will read about our efforts to create more opportunities in the tech and defense-related areas for Czech and Taiwanese businesses, as well as enhance the resiliency and competitiveness of our business community.

Thank you for your unwavering support throughout 2022. It takes a collective effort to grow steadily, and your encouragement has been a prime catalyst for our success.

Pavel Diviš
Chairman Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber



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