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Taiwan Smart Factory Landscape in 2022

Taiwan Smart Factory Landscape in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the ongoing digitalization efforts of business operations resulted in increased investment in smart factories in the manufacturing industry.

The global smart manufacturing market is expected to reach USD $450 billion by 2025. Taiwan's Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) for laptop computers, mobile phones & consumer electronics are unparalleled in terms of manufacturing technology, cost control, and supply chain management.

In order to disseminate information about Taiwan's smart manufacturing solution providers on the international stage more effectively, the Foreign Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan has decided to publish the following information document Taiwan Smart Factory Landscape.



The publication can be found at the following link: https://twmt.tw/file/2022-Taiwan-Smart-Factory-Landscape.pdf or at the Taiwan Smart Manufacturing website: https://twmt.tw/

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